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Break Free From Insecurity, Stress & Overwhelm

(Even if you’ve struggled with it for years & therapy, meds, meditation, yoga, self-help books, etc. haven't led to consistent, permanent results)

This FREE online Masterclass will take place on August 2nd!
with Transformational Coach & Mindset Expert, Shimrit Nativ

During this free Masterclass, you will learn how to:

  • React Positively & Easily To Emotional Triggers
  • Rewrite Limiting Beliefs & Break Free From The Cycle Of Old Patterns
  • Breakthrough Unwanted Reoccurring Setbacks
  • Create Positive Changes In Your Relationships, Career, Health & More
  • Shift Your Mindset On The Spot & Sustain An Abundant, Joyful Reality

Who is Shimrit Nativ?

Shimrit Nativ is the CEO and founder of Master Your Path Community and Programs.

Mentor, transformational coach and mindset expert who has helped hundreds of driven and creative individuals across the globe create and sustain a consistent baseline of calm, confidence and fulfilment.

Accredited ICF approved and certified professional coach.

Shimrit helps high-performers overcome stress & insecurity and create consistent calm, confidence & fulfilment.

She is the founder and CEO of Master Your Path - a leading edge Emotional & Mental Well-Being Academy, teaching the proven method to create lasting transformations, using tangible tools, spiritual practice, emotional and subconscious healing and massive daily support, to allow rapid and consistent change and growth.

"Before working with Shimrit I was struggling with general anxiety and panick attacks. I decided to quit taking the pills and was looking for new ways to overcome this.

I was struggling to set my own boundaries for myself, which sometimes made me follow standards that didn’t serve me. It was also very hard for me to think about my future without fear. Shimrit helped me to find a new way of looking at myself, with much clarity and simplicity. She helped me change patterns which were blocking me from being confident and happier"

Maayan, Academic Research

"After years of dealing with suicidal thoughts and self abusive mind rhetoric, I woke up and realized that things can’t keep on like that. I was diagnosed with dysthymia, a persistent depressive disorder and subsequently started taking antidepressants, SSRI, and entered a three year process of psychodynamic therapy sessions. But something was still missing for me, I felt in need of more practical tools for sustaining my mental balance, I was craving a spiritual transformation. At this point I reached out to shimrit. It was a wonderful process and is the best gift someone can give himself"

Shaul, Web Designer